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Andremovich offers our clients a wide range of solutions to achieve this through Andremovich Logistics which offers professional, effective and efficient haulage services and solutions that meet the transport requirements of an individual or companies of any size throughout Nigeria.
Whatever your needs are, Andremovich Logistics is capable of relocating your goods via Shipping, freight or by road, making sure your product/goods get delivered to their final destination in good condition.
Our mission is to provide optimal, time and quality goods and services, in a safe and environmentally friendly manner to the oil and gas power, and petrochemical industries.
Our vision is to contribute to the development of the Nigeria Oil and Gas industry with a view to enhancing the development of local skill & expertise within the industry in Nigeria.
At Andremovich, we understand the importance of goods conveyance from point to point, we also understand the burden of sourcing for efficient means to deliver goods and services on time and in tact.
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Andremovich Energy Services Limited is a company with international status operating in Nigeria, West Africa, with an office in Port Harcourt, Rivers State..

234 803 782 5582