Do you have problems with your skin, such as scars, pigmentation, facial skin ageing or very dry skin?

We have clinical products that can help you treat the skin problems as fast as possible.

Our Clinical products have been specially developed for persistent skin problems, such as red pimples, rosacea-prone skin, deep wrinkles or scars. The products include:

  • Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment
  • Clinical Ceramide-Enriched Night Cream
  • Clinical Ultra-Rich Night Cream
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Defoamers

Our philosophy? Smart, Safe Beauty. The products you use should work and be good for your skin, no exceptions. Based on our heritage in consumer advocacy, each of our formulas is effective, safe and backed by cited research. We uncover the truth about skincare and share all of the facts with you along the way – because keeping your skin healthy shouldn’t be a mystery.

For any questions about our products or for help on building a skincare routine, please contact our Customer Care team. Our skincare experts are on hand to help you find the best products for your skin.

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