As a socially responsible organization, we tend to improve our society in any way possible. We consider a lot of factors ranging from human livelihood to the earth in general.

We at AESL, our CSR activities are intent to improve our society and socio-economical functionality in any positive possible way. Our consideration factors on environmental habitation, sustainable livelihood and global climate change variation.

We are guided by our vision, missions and core values which is to motivate and inspire the world at large through our corporate social responsibility. We believe in giving back to the community both in rural and urban regions for an optimistic resourceful future.

One of our major aim to CSR is social impactation and we believe in unity and tranquility for one Nigeria, one Africa, one world for effective selfless contributions with a lasting impact to humans and the environs.


At AESL. a career with us; the leading chemical distribution company Nigeria, be rest assure you will find comfort, profitability, skills, man power development, self –industrial disciple and friendly hospitable colleagues. Our integrity is at the zenith level of commitment, we are opened for every form of self-development, education upgrades, trainings, seminars/webinars, excursions and notable consultable expert tutoring.

Join us today, as we open your horizon to opulence learning opportunity which will fully equip you with all the skills, confidence and flexibility; you will need to be able to accomplish your potential. Be rest assure your goals and values will align with your aspirations and core values in and outside work-station.



PPE: Andremovich Energy Services Limited is strongly dedicated to zero accidents free, enhancing all work tasks to be carried out safely with all possible measures to eradicate risk to health, safety to all our employees, contractors, vendors, customers and visitors.

We work with sustainable health safety environmental policy govern with the applicable legislation and community safety maintenance operations.

  1. Maintain good hospitable work ethics.
  2. Prevent loss of properties and destructions of assets
  3. Avoidance of injure, harm to all staff during operations
  4. Control and minimize operational waste effects in the environment
  5. Protection of live and property with guidelines and precautions
  6. Educate and create safety awareness for private protective equipment
  7. Contamination control and Vacuum containment guide rules and regulations
  8. Create and maintain management personnel, process specifications, chemical usage guide, standard operating procedures, and the written emergency safety plans.


Andremovich Energy Services Limited is committed to be the number one leading chemical producing distribution company in Nigeria providing topnotch quality services with the aid of our resourceful workforce. The brand leverage so well with the effective usage of our ultra-modern technology property management system and technical know- how for quality services and customer satisfactory.

Quality chemicals with exceptional service is one of our watch word, we are dedicated in pleasing our esteemed customers, vendors, contractors and public; Quality control from the newbie to the professional, from purchase to delivery, from raw materials to finished product. our quality control assurance is at its peak of daily quality operational effectiveness without lapses.

Our quality management system has been exercised from the lowest level to the highest level of achievement, established at the corporate management pedigree with principled laid down plans of continuous quality service delivery.


Andremovich Energy Services Limited believes and understood what good hospitable environment is all about, our environment is what speaks about who we are and how we communicate with our environ, with positive hygienic surrounding and safety healthy conditions.

We ensure to lessen the operational activities waste or any other function that might be danger the environs or injury to both lives and properties in the society at large. Motivating our esteemed customers, vendors, visitors and general public in maintaining a sustainable healthy environmental functionality.

In order to make all this a reality; we have assigned special taskforce unit in environment management, in charge of growth and development of awareness in environment information’s and operational rights, we have also engage local and internal environmental management to work with every positive measures in order to safeguard our community and continue with good environmental performance

On no account would we divert from the environmental legislation; rules and regulations and objectives possessed for the appropriate ethical practices.


We are committed in ensuring a clean, tidy and healthy environment at all work course. In collaboration with the waste management team/contractors, we ensure good compliances assessment done every material waste to be carried out with practicable disposal procedure and guidelines.

Cleanliness is next to godliness they say; so at Andremovich Energy Services Limited, we are dedicated in ensuring a safe environment in reduction of every operational form of pollutions ranging from waste disposal, noise chemical spillage, fumes (engines) and other forces which might cause might to the society.

We are fully ready and solely willing to comply with all waste management legislators govern each state of our branches with good corporation and maintaining the sanity of every citizen in a clean and crispy waste regularization.

Andremovich Energy Services Limited is a company with international status operating in Nigeria, West Africa, with an office in Port Harcourt, Rivers State..

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